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Hoods | Industrial aspiration and uptake systems

Bespoke hoods tailored for energy saving and safe pollutants uptake

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Hoods for industrial aspiration systems

Hoods make secure various operations typically found in industrial processes: grinding, frosting, cleaning and polishing of components of various dimensions. Hoods may also be adapted to various working zones: mixers, agitators, sifters, screeners or reactors.

Hoods: How do they work?

Hoods suck air from typical operations of industrial processes. They are placed on the edges of working zones and are kept at low pressure by an appropriate centrifugal fan. Hoods are designed to capture dust or other pollutants directly where they are produced, safeguarding working zones and the health of the operators.

Your aspiration system may be designed with one or more hoods, characterized by different flow rates and by manual or automatic operating cycles. Usually the aspired air is conveyed in a single pipe, which directs the airflow to one or more filtering equipments that are designed on the basis of the specific pollutants to be treated (dust, solvents, oils,…).

Aspiration hoods: the importance of a proper design

Designing the right extraction system is of extreme importance in order to properly remove pollutants, while optimizing the amount of air aspired by the fans.

Tecnosida, on the basis of the inspection of a specialized technician, can design hoods of various dimensions and geometry which are perfectly suited for your production process. The design of hoods is made taking into account:

  • The peculiarities of your production process and the features of the various equipments by which is composed.
  • The available spaces.
  • The features of the pollutants that are to be removed.
  • The regulatory requirements.

Fans: the importance of a proper choice

The choice of a proper fan is fundamental in order to guarantee an high efficiency and low energetic consumptions. The main issues that Tecnosida takes into account in the design phase are:

  • The capture velocity that is desired at the inlet duct. This parameter depends on the pollutants to be treated and on the volumetric flow rate.
  • The temperature of the airflow, that can be stable or variable in time.
  • The design of the pipelines, that is made on the basis of:
  1. The geometry of the industrial building.
  2. Where the filtering equipments are placed.
  3. Where hoods are placed in the production process

On the basis of these data the pressure drops in the suction system can be determined. These data, in union with the desired volumetric flow rate, are used by Tecnosida to choose the fan that is more adequate for the designed plant.

Hoods: maintenance service

Tecnosida® also realizes and plans activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. This service it’s available for hoods and allows to guarantee:

  • hood’s proper functioning
  • high aspiration efficiency to protect workers’ health
  • reduction of economic and energetic wastes

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