Ventilation and dedusting system

Application in polymer and plastic industry

The customer:

Our customer is a company with a lot of factories that manufacture a wide range of elastomers or synthetic (EPDM, NBR, CR, HNBR, ACM, AU, ECO, EU, CSM, AEM) and natural (NR, SBR, SN) rubber compounds, both black and coloured, silicone compounds and fluorinated rubber. The company also makes customised solutions for the high-tech moulding industry.

It is a certified company, sensitive to environmental issues.

Our customer issue:

The company requested the design, implementation and installation of an exhaust system able to manage three lines with variable operation and loading, and using various equipment. 

The pollutant load, which consisted mainly of dust, some of which agglomerating, would have to be handled by a single centralised filter.

Tecnosida® solution:

Tecnosida® accepted the request and performed a preliminary technical inspection to identify the critical points. These were linked to the high number of release points (more than 20), the particular geometry of some of the production machines, the type of dust to be treated and the possibility of sudden changes in flow rate due to opening/closing of some points on the production line. The solution that was then proposed focuses on three points:

  1. Dedicated design of local capture points on the outlets, processing areas, dosing and weighing stations;
  2. Integrating the line with mechanical winding equipment for manual cleaning of specific areas;
  3. Balancing and design of direct suction filter;
  4. Dustdown® is equipped with a special valve to avoid the formation of blocks.
hoods and filter

Tecnosida® plant is realized in compliance with the BAT (d. MF. 01). It reduces the emissions within the limits established by law, solving the problem of our customer.

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