Oil mist filtration with Oilscreen

Oil micro-droplets filtration in mechanical application

The customer:

The customer was one of the first Italian companies in the heat treatment sector to adopt vacuum technology, and has been in the Italian and European markets for more than thirty years. The company performs steel hardening, brazing, sintering, plasma nitriding, surface annealing and PVD coating processes. The main fields of application are in the following sectors: aeronautics, underwater equipment, racing, gas turbines, moulds, food. The company is certified and sensitive to environmental issues, as well as those of its customers.


The problem:

The company, who develops oxygen-free heat and thermochemical metal treatments, approached Tecnosida® with the aim of reducing the release of oil vapours from the current value of 20 mg/Nm3 to 10 mg/Nm3 (as required by law). The solution would also have to be related to, and interact with, their existing treatment system located on the factory roof.

The proposed solution:

Following an adequate inspection, Tecnosida® recommended using an Oilscreen filter, which uses coalescence filtration technology to separate and collect the microscopic oil particles in the emissions, allowing the customer’s goal to be reached.

Tecnosida® plant is realized in compliance with the BAT (DC.CF.01). It reduces the emissions within the limits established by law, solving the problem of our customer.

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coalescence filter

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