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WETCLEAN | Wet scrubber pollutant neutralization and oxidation

Wet Scrubbers for industrial applications

  • washing VOCs scrubber
  • washing volatile organic compounds
  • solvent emissions abatement
  • washing VOCs
  • washing VOCs

What are Wet Scrubbers?

Traditionally scrubbers are used as systems for the removal of pollutants from gaseous streams and are based on the absorption of pollutants from the gas stream itself and liquid streams flowing in co-current, counter-current or cross-current conditions.

Wet scrubber: particulate removal mechanism

Wet scrubbers remove particulate from the airflow, incorporating it in liquid droplets that are then separated from the gaseous phase. The main parameters that regulate the particulate capture process are:

  • Particles size: the larger the size, the greater the ease of capture.
  • Droplets size: the smaller the size of the droplets and the higher their density in the gaseous phase, the higher the capture efficiency. An increment of the removal efficiency is associated with an increment in energy consumptions, because of the creation of a finer droplets dispersion.
  • Relative velocity between the particles and the droplets: the higher the relative velocity, the higher the removal efficiency.

The Wetclean Venturi si the scrubber that maximizes the removal of particulate matter in the wet treatment processes

Wet scrubber: harmful molecules removal mechanism

Regarding the gaseous pollutants, their capture occurs through a mechanism of absorption into the liquid.

The first condition to be verified is the solubility of the pollutant into the used liquid. It’s possible to use reagents inside the recirculation liquid that iincreasing the pollutants solubility. The use of the above mentioned liquid solutions is carried out by an appropriate dosing station, composed by storage tanks, metering pumps (upon request one operating and one auxiliary) and a specific line.

It’s important to verify that the fluid dynamic configuration of the system ensures a good mixing of the gaseous and liquid phases, in order to guarantee a high contact surface and an appropriate residence time.

Types of wet scrubbers

A possible classification of the types of wet scrubbers is carried out on the basis of the phase to which energy is supplied. Particularly, energy may be supplied to:

  • The gaseous phase: this is the case of Wetclean Venturi scrubbers or of plate columns
  • The liquid phase: this is the case of spray towers
  • Both liquid and gaseous phases is the case of packed or floating bed scrubbers

The most important systems are packed columns. They consist of cylindrical chambers, that are internally filled with a packed bed structure; equipments like this may be used also with countercurrent spray systems.

The optimal definition of the WETCLEN scrubber (typology, sizing, final efficiency estimation) for the specific application is realized in an analytical way alongside our experience and the experimental tests carried out.

Wet scrubber: maintenance service

Tecnosida® also realizes and plans activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. This service it’s available for Wet scrubber and allows to guarantee:

  • scrubber’s proper functioning
  • high removal efficiency to protect workers’ health
  • reduction of economic and energetic wastes

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