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Oil mist filtration and VOC purification system

for high speed packaging lines

Our target: reduce VOCs and oil mist 

The customer contacted Tecnosida® for a problem of emissions outside the required range.

The abovementioned emissions are related to the processing line for food packaging polystyrene trays. Specifically, the chemical-physical analysis of the gaseous effluents revealed abnormal values ​​for:

  1. Styrene vapours. Styrene is an aromatic hydrocarbon. At room temperature it is a transparent viscous liquid, characterized by a sweetish odor. It is toxic, flammable and not soluble in water, but it is soluble in the most common organic solvents;
  2. Aliphatic hydrocarbons, due to the simultaneous polypropylene extrusion;
  3. Oily polymeric vapours, characterized by a high viscosity.

The analysis did not comply with the current legislation.

Tecnosida® solution: extraction system, oil mist filter and activated carbon filter

Tecnosida® performed a technical analysis of the circumstances and the pollutants highlighted by the analysis. The need for a dual-stage treatment was evident, as this would make it possible to reduce the concentrations of the pollutants with different characteristics and behavior.

The following solution was designed and proposed:

  1. Design and installation of dedicated hoods, which aim is to collect 100% of the pollutants from the production lines;
  2. OILSCREEN coalescing filter, to separate and treat the polymer vapours (whose behavior is similar to high viscosity oils);
  3. Chemsorb® activated carbon filter, to adsorb the styrene vapours and the aliphatic hydrocarbons.

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