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TORNADO® | High efficency and high temperature dust separator

High-efficiency tangential separator

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What is Tornado® tangential separator?

Tornado® is an equipment developed by Tecnosida in the improvement program of the products based on the tangential separation principle. This product line includes:

  • Cyclone
  • Turbovortex®
  • Tornado®

Tangential separation: how does it work?

Tornado® separates solid or liquid particles conveyed by the flow, using centrifugal force. The gas stream saturated with dust, after having crossed the separator in descending direction and having deposited the collected particles on the walls, reverses its motion and leaks out from a duct of appropriate diameter.

The dusts separated by the swirling flow and deposited on the walls of the cyclones precipitate, both for the effect of the gravity force and for the action of the descending component of the main vortex. Then they head towards the bottom of the separator, are collected by a hopper and are continuously discharged by augers, rotary valves, double clapet valves or simple static binders with quick release.

The equipment is made of a high number of integrated separation units, and can be used in many processes; among these we can consider biogas and syngas production plants or boilers powered by wood chips or other kinds of solid biomass. Tornado® can also be used in «cold» processes, where high separation efficiencies (without the use of mechanical filters) are required.

The separation efficiency of the Tornado® technology is very high and strictly dependent on the granulometric distribution of the treated material, on some chemical-physical characteristics and on the crossing speed of the flow. Various design and engineering measures involve substantial efficiency increase: Contact Tecnosida to receive specific advice adhering to your technical situation!

Strenghts of the Tornado® tangential separator


  • Can be used in closed systems.
  • Can be used in a wide range of process temperatures, from few degrees to more than 800°C. Depending on the temperature range of use Tecnosida® proposes solutions made of carbon steel, Corten or stainless steel AISI 304 - 316 - 321 - 310.
  • Can manage flow rates that range from 100 to 3000 m3/h.
  • Requires no special maintenance.
  • Doesn’t require the use of various kinds of consumables (cartridges, filtering materials, etc...).
  • Withstands every fire problem, being built entirely of metal.

Available options

Tornado® can be realized complete of external insulation, in various insulation degrees, in order to avoid the unwanted effect of condensation of the water vapour that may be present in the emissions to be treated.

Tornado®: maintenance service

Tecnosida® also realizes and plans activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. This service it’s available for Tornado® and allows to guarantee:

  • Tornado’s proper functioning
  • high separation efficiency
  • reduction of economic and energetic wastes

Contact us for more information: we will plan with you this important activity!

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