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CHEMSORB®| Activated carbon filters

Activated Carbon filters for VOCS, solvents and thinners

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What is Chemsorb® activated carbon filter?

Activated carbon filters are suitable to intercept almost all compounds of organic origin (VOCs and odorous emission), and many of inorganic origin. 

Activated carbon filter: How does it work?

The term «activated carbons» is used to indicate carbons that have been submitted to an activation treatment, which gives to coal an exceptional porosity and, consequently, an adsorbing power. The adsorption consists in removing and retaining the gas molecules and other pollutants within the cavities existing on the coal, and this thanks to electrostatic bonds. The adsorption efficiency depends on many factors, the main of which are:

  • Relative humidity
  • Temperature
  • Crossing velocity
  • The surface of the activated carbon
  • Molecular weight, boiling point and concentration of the substances to be filtered

Pollutants are held in consequence of the contact between the airflow and the filtering bed: the system allows obtaining in output a concentration of pollutants with extremely low values (if the pollutants are adsorbable).

The Chemsorb® activated carbon filter is designed by Tecnosida on the basis of your input data, in order to maximize the adsorption efficiency. It’s possible to adapt the activated carbon filter to your specific needs and to the peculiarities of your industrial process. Contact Tecnosida to receive specific advice adhering to your technical situation!

Strenghts of the Chemsorb® activated carbon filters

Chemsorb® filters:

  • May be designed with different shapes (cylinder or parallelepiped). These construction methods make it easy to extend the filter after the installation.
  • Are simple to use and their efficiency is kept constant thanks to ordinary maintenance. The components are compact with predispositions for quick refilling of coal and replacement of the exhausted one.
  • May be used to filter a wide range of gaseous pollutants.

Available options

  • Pre-treatment filter for dusts removal.
  • Non-return valve.
  • Ladders and protective railings.
  • Possible design in compliance with the ATEX norms, with anti-explosion panels.

Chemsorb® activated carbon filters: maintenance service

Tecnosida® also realizes and plans activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. This service it’s available for Chemsorb® activated carbon filters and allows to guarantee:

  • filter’s proper functioning
  • high filtration efficiency
  • reduction of economic and energetic wastes

Contact us for more information: we will plan with you this important activity!

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