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Fumes and dust control in biomass combustion

custom design for cyclones and high temperature bag filter

Our target: dusts treatment

The client requested a turnkey treatment line of the flue gas produced by a biomass (sunflower oil processing wastes) boiler. This kind of biomass is mainly composed of:

  • Shells and integument, that are the main byproducts of the sunflower oil production process. It is known that soy and rapeseed integument represents the 10-15% of the seed, meanwhile sunflower seeds integument ranges from 20% to 50%.
  • Panel, composed by sunflower seeds residues after the mechanical pressing process. Its content of oily substances is greater than 8% (it may arrive to 10-15%); furthermore it contains fatty acids and some lipophilic proteins.

Considering that shells and integuments are mainly composed of cellulosic material and lignin, they can be used in a wide range of applications:

  • Preparation of pellets to be incorporated in ruminants and rabbits fodder;
  • Preparation of panels for packaging;
  • Obtainment of microbial biomasses, after an enzymatic or acid hydrolysis of cellulose;
  • Production of furfural, using an acid distillation process;
  • Energy production, by means of chemical-physical or microbiological processes.

The main issues related to the combustion of this kind of biomass are the lightness of the ashes (so their volatility and low mean dimensions) and the high quantitative of produced dusts (even more than 500-600 mg/Nm3).

On top of this, the technically primitive condition of the burner was a further source of complication.

Tecnosida®solution: cyclone and high-temperature bag filter

Following an inspection at the final customer’s site abroad, Tecnosida® designed a three-stage system. This treatment plant can separate, in the three different steps, respectively the dusts of:

  • Larger dimensions, by means of a pre-separation system downstream of the boiler, with recovery of the unburnt residue and its return to the combustion chamber;
  • Medium dimensions, thanks to a cyclone;
  • Finer dimensions, by means of a mechanical filtering stage provided by a DUSTdown®biomass self-cleaning bag filter.

The proposed solution has the advantage of lightening the dusts load on the cyclone; this feature permitted to reduce its dimensions, given the reduced dust load to be treated. The treatment plant has reached the provided separation efficiency.

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