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DUSTdown®biomass | Bag filters for high temperature and combustion

Reverse-jet de-dusting filters for high temperature and biomass combustion emissions

  • biomass dust filters
  • fumes combustion biomass boilers

What is a DUSTdown®biomass high-temperature bag filter?

DUSTdown®biomass is a high efficiency mechanical self-cleaning filter, equipped with an on-line automatic cleaning system by a Reverse Jet of compressed air. It was designed by Tecnosida to address specific issues relating to the treatment of emissions from the combustion of solid biomasses such as wood chips, wood, pellets, twigs, agricultural waste, rice husks, sunflower hulls and many others. 

How does the DUSTdown®biomass bag filter work?

Air to be treated enters from the bottom of the DUSTdown® filter and goes through a pre-separation chamber, where largest particles sediment; this pre-separation chamber is used to protect the filtering surface against an excessive dust load. The airflow passes then through the above mentioned filtering surface, that efficiently separates dust from air. The retained dust falls in the lower part of the filter, is collected in the hopper and disposed of through various systems. Different discharge systems (manual, automatic) may be designed in combination with the hopper.

The filtering surface is cleaned by a Reverse Jet of compressed air, inside the bags or the cartridges; the frequency of the jets is automatically controlled by an electronic board, on the basis of pressure drops measurements. The cleaning system allows to maintain the bags or cartridges constantly clean and to ensure a longer life of the fabric. The filtering bags or cartridges are made of needled felt, of various weights depending on the dust to be treated.

Strenghts of the DUSTdown®biomass bag filter

The DUSTdown®biomass filter:

  • Is designed and built on the basis of your specific needs, taking into account volumetric flow rate, temperature of the air and dusts concentration and granulometry.
  • May be designed in order to ensure a very high filtration efficiency, up to 99,9%.
  • Requires the use of specific construction materials in relation to the emissions to be treated. Furthermore, Tecnosida adopts special filtering means of very high quality, for continuous use up to flow temperatures of 250°C.
  • Is designed with a standard insulation for the control of the condensation effect, caused by the high temperature range existing between the fumes saturated with water and the filter walls (at room temperature).
  • Is simple, reliable and economic.
  • May be designed for low or high volumetric flow rates, being constituted by an assembly of modular panels.
  • Has a ladder and a parapet that permit a comfortable change or maintenance of the filtering bags/cartridges.

Standard equipments of the DUSTdown®biomass bag filter

  • Filtration chamber.
  • Hopper with inspection hag, gatherers and support legs.
  • Inspection hag in the hopper.
  • Pneumatic cleaning system of the bags/cartridges, set by a differential pressure switch/economizer.
  • Pre-separation chamber.
  • Triboelectric sensor (mandatory for some applications).
  • Specific insulation system.

Available options

  • Pressure regulator
  • Economizer
  • Fire protection system
  • Continuous discharge systems (like rotary valve, clapet valve or screw with conduit/pipe)

DUSTdown®biomass bag filter: maintenance service

Tecnosida® also realizes and plans activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. This service it’s available for DUSTdown®biomass bag filter and allows to guarantee:

  • filter’s proper functioning
  • high filtration efficiency
  • reduction of economic and energetic wastes

Contact us for more information: we will plan with you this important activity!

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